How it began

My wife and I have been migrating south to Miramar Beach Florida each winter since my retirement in 2018. She says I get bored and spend money. Well this year, I went “whole hog” as they say.

Having exited the Stock Market in June 2020 only to watch it, like other assets such as Real Estate, Gold and Bitcoin continue to sky rocket, I began looking for some place to reallocate my retirement savings.

In the process, in January 2021, I stumbled across a one acre lot for sale near my favorite place to camp and hike, less than 1/2 a mile from the west entrance to Savage Gulf State Natural Area, specifically the Greeter Falls trailhead.

Waterfalls, in particular, have always had a special appeal. The Greeter Falls trail offers access to four special places all within a one mile hike. The idea of bringing morning coffee or evening wine with friends or family to hang out at the falls appealed very much.

Plus, having our own remote, private camping spot that we could build and develop as we wished versus fighting the crowds at an overstocked State Park campground next to noisy kids and clamourous neighbors, sounded like a winner.

To my delight (and my wifes’ amazement) I ended up with some responses. When all was said and done, by March 2021, I acquired 20 acres along Greeter Falls Road, many contiguous to each other. My vision is to develop a community with primitive tent camping, travel trailer /RV sites as well as cabins and tiny homes.

It is sure to take time, especially since I am not some big land developer, but just one old guy who loves nature, camping, hiking and waterfalls trying to build something special with his limited retirement funds.