RVs and Campers

Three Sections (Area C, D & E) within our 20 Acre Campground offer sites and hook-ups for RVs and Campers. Each is quaintly nestled within a rustic timberland environment. The national average density at RV parks and campgrounds is 10-15 sites per acre. Ours is 2-3.

Since we always endeavored to allow the rustic topography to dictate the placement and size of our camp sites… preserving as many older/larger trees as possible, each site is unique. There is therefore (by design) a lack of uniformity. Hence, if you’re looking for a well-manicured, strictly ordered row of concrete sites, this is not the place for you.

All campers are always welcomed at our main campus (Area C) where our ADA compliant Bathhouse with showers, Wi-Fi, Camp Store, Community Space, Activity Center, Dog Park, Camp Office and Kids Play Place are located.

We have a total of 25 rustic RV/Camper sites available. All RV/Camper pads are between 14’ to 16’ in width and between 32’ to 48’ in length. Site pads consist of double-layered gravel edged with railroad ties. Each site is served by a 30/50-amp electrical pedestal and water spigot. Each has its own picnic table and fire ring with grill.

About half of our RV/Camper sites are FHU (Full Hook-up) with septic connections. For Non-FHU sites, there is a free self-service dump tank and/or pump-out service for a small fee.

Within, those two general groupings (FHU/non-FHU), we have three types of RV sites:
• Back-In
• Pull-In
• Pull-Through (or Pull Alongside)

We have two deluxe sites, within the above, that have their own small, private dog park.

The primary difference between a Pull-in and Back-in site is the location of the power, water and septic (FHU) hook-ups at the site relative to the RV/Camper access ports.

RV/Camper utility ports are typically located on the drivers side of the rig. Therefore, a “back-in” site is designated such because the RV/Camper access ports are conveniently located on the same side as the site pedestals. A “pull-in” site would similarly be most convenient for campers to pull their rig into the site so that the RV/Camper access ports would be located adjacent to the pedestal, on the same side. That’s the only difference.

If a RV/camper utility port is located on the opposite side, longer cords and hoses would be required to hook-up to the site pedestals. Further, they would need to run under or around their rig. Hence, a little bit more inconvenient. However, we are happy to provide a 30/50-amp extension cord and/or water hose at no additional fee (based upon availability).

·     6 Standard Non-FHU Sites @ $49.75 per day. 2 Non-FHU Back-in sites (#45 & #46). 4 Non-FHU Pull-in sites (#62, #65, #68 & #71). Pull-ins are ideal for car/truck/van/pop-up camping. Many guests who want water/electric have also used these sites to set-up tents
·      5 FHU Sites @ $59.75 per day. All FHU Back-in Sites (#41, #42, #66, #67 & #70) Ideal for RVs between 24′ – 32′ in length. Check site specs for details.
·     6 Long Non-FHU Sites @ $69.75 per day. 2 LONG (up to 40′) Non-FHU Back-in sites (#45 & #46). 4 Pull-Through/Pull Aside (naturally longer) sites (#49, #81, #82 & #85). Sites #81-#88 are located within Area E, which is the most remote/private section with its own bathhouse/laundry, community center and Wifi.
·      7 Deluxe Sites @ $79.75 per day. 2 Specialty Sites (with small private dog parks – #61 is a large Pull-Through Non-FHU (no septic connection) & #64 Back-In FHU with septic connection). 4 LONG (up to 40′) FHU Back-in Sites (#43, #44, #69 & #83). 1 FHU Pull-Thru (naturally longer) #63.
•      Extended Stay Rental Sites (Area E only): $750-$800 per month plus metered electricity. Rate includes septic (FHU or Free weekly pump-outs), Wi-Fi, private bathhouse/laundry and club house, trash pick-up, area maintenance and water. Click here for more information and current availability. *Please contact the Camp Director for more details.

*Only One Site (#63) is a BOTH FHU AND Pull-Through and is also priced at $79.75 per day.

Site Notes: Several sites may be a little difficult for some to navigate into, particularly for those with very large rigs and/or are rather inexperienced drivers. In the past, the greatest challenge has come from those attempting to maneuver large fifth-wheels and/or into sites that with a long ingress/egress (sites #64, #87, or #88).

The RV sites that closest together are at Area D, Sites #65 through #69. Ideal for groups that want to camp together but less desirable for those wanting more privacy and space.

For additional information or if you have any questions, please consult our campground map, the site specifics page and/or contact our campground representative. You can book online through Camp Spot. You can also reserve your site directly by Calling, Texting, E-mailing  or just Stopping By. We accept most Credit Cards and Cash.

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