Food Cart Launched

We purchased a food cart a couple months ago with the intention of providing tasty refreshments to our campers and Greeter Falls hikers. After a couple delays and detours we finally opened for business today! We had met with the county health inspector, got guidance on what was allowed/not allowed, had our cart inspected and … More Food Cart Launched

Long-Term Site Availability

Greeter Falls Campground offers 50 campsites (RVs, Yurts, Tents) within 5 areas (A-E) amidst its 23 acres timberland retreat. Area E (ABRI) is reserved for the exclusive use of: Workamping Staff – Volunteer workers who receive an RV site and amenities in exchange for part-time work around the campground Gold Star Family Guests staying in … More Long-Term Site Availability

Typical Workamping Duties

Campground Managers, Sarah and Matthew Glatfelter, are veteran workampers who enjoy the perks and challenges of full-time RV living. They came to us from Michigan in the spring of this year. They have made a tremendous impact in a relatively short time. We are blessed and grateful to have them. By way of demonstrating the … More Typical Workamping Duties

My Birthday Hike

If you’re looking for a great hike to embark upon during your stay at Greeter Falls Campground, let me suggest the short loop I recently did with my daughter. She came down from Nashville on my 69th birthday to spend the day with me and go on a hike together.  We ended up visiting all … More My Birthday Hike

Meet Workamper Ashlee

Hi! I’m Ash! It’s just myself and my pups on the road. We’re having a great time just getting acquainted with this beautiful world God blessed us with. I love cooking, doing tie-dye, making jewelry and just being outside in nature! I enjoy meeting new people that come through the campgrounds. There’s not a night … More Meet Workamper Ashlee

Meet Workamper Susan

I’m from Fort Myers Florida. I really enjoy camping within nature. I love campfires too. Being out in God’s creation is truly amazing! Living next to waterfalls is a dream come true! I enjoy my parrot. Her name is Baby! She enjoys going outside with me. She loves playing with baby toys. I am happy … More Meet Workamper Susan

Meet Workamper Kandra

Landscaping Design and Customer Service Kandra came here with her sweet Pomeranian, Mocha! Kandra has been spending her time putting her heart in the dirt and beautifying the campground by adding flowerbeds, planting flowers, and making rock trails. She spends any chance she can get in nature and soaking up all of God’s beauty in … More Meet Workamper Kandra

Meet Workamper Sam

Meet Our Workamper Samantha (aka Sam) Grounds/Maintenance/Housekeeping I love spending my days here tending to the land enjoying the flora & fauna while I work. I am passionate about all animals, but dogs are my favorite! Feel free to stop me & show me your Pups! It makes my day. I have a love for … More Meet Workamper Sam

Founders Message

Greeter Falls Campground – Founders Message My favorite place to hike and camp in Tennessee is Savage Gulf State Park. A handful of years ago, after two hip surgeries, I embarked on a seven day/night hike there. Though challenging, it felt like a new lease on life. Abundant vistas, waterfalls, and trails galore. So, when … More Founders Message

CareCom – 501c3 Parent of Greeter Falls Campground

Greeter Falls Campground is a Subsidiary of CareCom, inc. – a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization The mission of CareCom, inc. is to foster and support tangible expressions of Compassion, Charity, and Community. Established in 2018 to reach out to the homeless in Nashville, CareCom provided food, necessities, and logistical support to those in need. Expanding on … More CareCom – 501c3 Parent of Greeter Falls Campground

Signs of Change

Since we returned to Nashville in early March 2021 from our winter migration in Florida, we’ve been working on developing the land. The local water company in town turned me on to a contractor who had worked for them for 15 years before striking out on his own. He and the other contractors he’s brought … More Signs of Change

Primitive Development

In April 2021, one of my daughters friends, Kai, an artist and world adventurer ventured from Colorado to Altamont, TN to develop our primitive tent campsites for Greeter Fall Campground on the southern 7 acres spanning Greeter Falls Road North. He has done such throughout the world from Iceland to India, so we have been … More Primitive Development

How it began

My wife and I have been migrating south to Miramar Beach Florida each winter since my retirement in 2018. She says I get bored and spend money. Well this year, I went “whole hog” as they say. Having exited the Stock Market in June 2020 only to watch it, like other assets such as Real … More How it began