Primitive Development

In April 2021, one of my daughters friends, Kai, an artist and world adventurer ventured from Colorado to Altamont, TN to develop our primitive tent campsites for Greeter Fall Campground on the southern 7 acres spanning Greeter Falls Road North. He has done such throughout the world from Iceland to India, so we have been privileged to provide a timberland palette for his creation.

He and his small team were able to create 20 primitive sites, 10 on each side of the road, approximately 3 per acre, as well as group gathering sites. It’s only the beginning, but we’re excited to offer these to you. It takes a community and that is the intention here… to develop a community. As such, we welcome your creative feedback in helping it evolve and grow.

Please remember to honor the land and the campers who will follow you. Leave no trace but your positive energy… and maybe something creative and enhancing.