Food Cart Launched

We purchased a food cart a couple months ago with the intention of providing tasty refreshments to our campers and Greeter Falls hikers. After a couple delays and detours we finally opened for business today!

We had met with the county health inspector, got guidance on what was allowed/not allowed, had our cart inspected and was consequently issued a permit to operate with a score of 100/100.  We’re starting small just selling solo hot dogs and combos augmented by items stocked in our nearby Campstore.

We’re planning to add three flavors of soft-serve ice-cream with toppings as well as fresh bakery items in the next couple weeks. Past that, we’ll expand our offerings according to what is permissible and what you (our guests) tell us you’d like to see.

A special “shout out” to Ashlee, our newest workamper, who took the initiative to launch this “side hustle”.  The food cart is one of a handful of endeavors that we partner with our volunteers to give them an opportunity to earn extra money.  Net Sales (after cost of goods) derived from the Food Cart, Firewood, Handmade Crafts, Homemade Baked Goods are split 50-50.

After Gods creation -the natural resources we have the privilege of stewarding here at the campground- our greatest asset is truly our staff. We are grateful for them. I can confidently affirm that each has a “servants heart” and will do their best to ensure you enjoy your retreat into nature.