What is the Campground like? Greeter Falls Campground is a rustic environment.  It is not a manicured concrete parking lot.  We attempted to respect the environment and terrain and hence it is rough hewn within previously undisturbed timberland.  Remember we are guests within the Mother Natures embrace.  Therefore, please note there are bugs and critters and fallen branches throughout.  We do our best to spray the site pads for ticks and spiders, but please take preventive action – like bug spray. Also be alert for poison ivy, snakes, bees and other typical wilderness inhabitants.

Are the Greeter Falls Hiking Trails Safe?  The trail to Blue Hole and the upper trail to Broad Tree Falls are relatively easy and generally safe for children.  However, the trails to Upper and (especially) Lower Greeter Falls can be dangerous, particularly when wet.  There are shear drop offs.  Use special care, especially with small children.

How far is it to the Falls? The Greeter Falls Trailhead is less than a 1/2 mile from our Campground down Greeter Falls Road. From the trailhead there are 4 destinations to choose from.  Many campers choose to walk from their campsite, while others choose to drive down and park in the provided lot.  Here’s a map.

Where nearby services? The city of Altamont is less than 2 miles down the road (Route 56). There you will find the Dollar General  (Market), local gas station, 2 restaurants, hardware store as well as city & county government offices.

What are some things to do around the campground?  There are many recreational options available – here’s a list of a few. Many folks are interested in attending the latest music venue at the Caverns. If you’re planning on an extended hike and overnight camping within Savage Gulf, please make reservations with the Park Office directly.

Quiet Hours: We want everyone to have a good time and a great camping experience.  Respect and courtesy towards neighboring campers is therefore essential. Hence, we strictly enforce quiet hours throughout the campground between 10 pm and 8 am. Repeat violators will be asked to leave. As will all those who demonstrate abusive or obnoxious behavior. It’s only been an issue a couple times over the last couple years. 99% of all our guests have been wonderful.

What if I don’t like my site?  Each site within our campground is unique; whether RV, Yurt or Tent. No 2 sites are the same. If you don’t like the site you’re on, we’ll be happy to move you to a different one that more suits your needs/preferences, pending availability. However, the best idea would be to call our camp hostess in advance and let her know what you’re looking for.  She will be happy to help you.

Can I be guaranteed a particular site?  Maybe you have camped with us before and have a favorite site.  If you want to be guaranteed a particular site, you must “lock” it when you make your reservation. If you don’t, you are subject to possible relocation to a similar site category. This is automatically performed by the inherent “optimization” protocol within the system.  A relatively inexpensive one-time “lock fee” will secure your selected site throughout the term of your entire reservation.

Bugs and critters and poisonous plants, oh MY! There have been rumors of bears within Savage Gulf.  We’ve never seen one at the Campground (yet).  Poisonous snakes have been reported nearby and along the Greeter Falls trails.  Over 2 plus years, my staff and I have only seen 1 (small copperhead). However, locals who have lived much of their lives, assure us cottonheads, cottonmouths and rattlesnakes are around! Squirrels, neighborhood dogs, mice and insects can become an issue if you leave food out and unattended overnight or trash improperly stashed. You should always be aware of and avoid poisonous plants (ivy, oak, sumac).  Best to wear insect repellent to protect against ticks and chiggers when trekking through the woods.

Can I check in remotely? If you make your reservations through CampSpot, you can check-in online by submitting payment and signing the terms and conditions. Just follow the link provided in your email.  If you are unable to check in online, please follow the procedures for late check in below. 

Can I check in after hours? If you arrive after hours, please go directly to your site.  Thereafter, you will need to come to the camp office (not campground store), located at 180  Greeter Falls Road North – at our main campus (Area C) to sign the terms & conditions, retrieve your wifi password and personal access code to the campground bathhouse and activity center. You will find all the information in an envelope with your name and site number on it, within our after hours check-in box.

We are pet friendly… BUT: We love happy campers and we love their furry friends. We have a good sized community dog park and even provide a couple RV sites with small private dog parks.  It’s wonderful to see pups make new friends and mingle. But, please keep your pets leashed when strolling around the campground and contained if/when they are begin to act aggressively. In respect to neighboring campers, dogs that have the habit of barking continuously through the night are not welcomed. Max of 2 well-behaved pets per site is our policy. Also, wether you’re within the dog park or walking  around the campground, please clean up after your pets.  There are Doggy bags available at the dog park.  Campers who leave any type of animal waste or residue (urine and/or poop) in our Yurts will be levied a sizable cleaning fee.

How is Phone Service there?  AT&T works great. Verizon is good too.  Sprint & T-Mobile are poor, spotty at best.

Can I have packages delivered to me while I am at the campground? We are sorry but we do NOT accept deliveries on behalf of our campers. If an emergency situation arises, such as your rig has broken down and you need to order a replacement part, please contact our camp office during business hours and we will try to accommodate your need.

Greeter Falls Road North

Can I get Wi-Fi everywhere on the campground?  Google Fiber Wifi is available at our central campus location at Area C (RV, Car Camp & Yurts within the #30s and #40s). Generally, RV and Car/Truck Camp sites in Area D (sites 61-71) can also access Wi-Fi, but it is not guaranteed.  Area E (#81 – 90) Reserved for Long-termers and Volunteer Workampers also has its own wi-fi service. Primitive Tent Sites within Areas A & B do not have access to Wi-Fi.

What is your cancellation policy: Cancellations result in a camp credit toward future stays.

Greeter Falls Campground: hopes to provide healing and restoration through a gentle emersion and retreat within nature. Make your reservation online and book now.

Online Reservations made through Camp Spot incur a $3.00 reservation fee as well as applicable state and local taxes. You can also reserve your site directly by Calling, Texting, E-mailing  or just Stopping By. We accept Venmo, Paypal, most Credit Cards and Cash.

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