What is the Campground like?

Greeter Falls Campground is a rustic environment.  It is not a manicured concrete parking lot.  We attempted to respect the environment and terrain and hence it is rough hewn within previously undisturbed timberland.  Remember we are guests within the Mother Natures embrace.  Therefore, please note there are bugs and critters and fallen branches throughout.  We do our best to spray the site pads for ticks and spiders, but please take preventive action – like bug spray. Also be alert for snakes and bees and other normal wilderness inhabitants.

Are the Greeter Falls Hiking Trails Safe?

The trail to Blue Hole and the upper trail to Broad Tree Falls are relatively easy and generally safe for children.  However, the trails to Upper and (especially) Lower Greeter Falls can be dangerous, particularly when wet.  There are shear drop offs.  Use special care, especially with small children.