Area Attractions

Located within the South Cumberland Area in Southeastern Tennessee, there are a plethora of recreational opportunities.

Area Parks

There are an abundance of state parks and natural areas to explore with hundreds of miles of hiking trails, inspiring vistas and waterfalls. Other outdoor venues include camping, hunting, fishing, 4 wheel off-roading, mountain biking, rock climbing, white water rafting, horseback riding as well as exploring historical, cultural and artistic places of interest.

Although we’re an hour south of Music city, there are still plenty of entertainment and musical events to enjoy.  The annual Bonnaroo Music Festival is only 20 miles from our Campground. The Caverns- a world renowned destination for live music and adventure caves is open to explore and experience daily. There is also a host of local musical venues to sample in nearby Sewanee and other locales.

The Friends of the Cumberland State Park website is a good place to check for area state parks and recreational areas. All Trails will provide you with a guide to some of the best hiking trails in the area.

Greeter Falls Trail

Greeter Falls Campground is located at the western entrance of the newest official State Park in Tennessee: Savage Gulf State Park(previously designated a “Natural Area” and park of the South Cumberland state park system). There are over 50 miles of curated trails to explore ranging from easy to strenuous. Again, check All Trails for a guide to one that suits you.

One of the best – the Greeter Falls Trail loop, is located only 2,000 feet from our campground! Within a one mile hike, you can be at any of Three Waterfalls or a refreshing swimming hole. Here’s the map. Check out this Instagram feed for photos of previous visitors to the Greeter Falls area.

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