Greeter Falls Campground rates for 2021 (subject to change):

Overnight /Short-Term Rates

Rates listed above do not include the $2.00 Camp Spot reservation fee as well as state and local taxes. Reserve Your Site NOW.

Long-Term Lease Rates (available for Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWs), RVs and campers only). The minimum long-term is one year. 3-5 year options are also available and priced accordingly.  Monthly Rates range between $400 to $600 depending upon term, site location and specific amenities.

All long-term rental applicants will be subject to background and credit check. Limit of 2 people per site and one (well behaved) pet.  Renters must abide by all local, county and state building, fire, electrical, septic and safety codes.  No trash, drugs, loud noise, public gatherings or disturbances will be tolerated. We are committed to providing a safe, friendly, respectful environment for everyone within the context of a rustic natural environment.  Violators of the above will be subject to immediate termination of their lease and criminal prosecution when/if merited.

*Our site pads are all approximately 16′ x 32′ with a double layer gravel foundation for superior drainage. All come with 50/30/20 amp electrical and water receptacles.

Utility bills for services such as electric and trash and cable and pump-out service (if elected) will be the responsibility of the tenant.