Yurt – Glamping – Packages

Yurt (Glamping) Packages contain:

A. Shelter – Set-up on Large Wooden Platform with Porch Area

    1. Large (13’ round) Bell Tent, Screened Door, Screened Windows, Waterproof “tub” floor, wood stove vents
    2. Matching Waterproof “Footprint” for Yurt
    3. Matching Interior Round Rug

B. Interior

    1. Portable Camp Chair(s)
    2. Portable Camp Table

C. Sleeping

    1. Thick Roll-up Mattress with Covers
    2. Alternative Sleeping Pad (Yoga Mat)
    3. Alternative Sleeping Pad (Egg Crate)
    4. Light weight Sleeping Bag

D. Exterior & Accessories

    1. 110 Duplex Electrical Outlet & Four Foot Picnic Table
    2. Campfire Ring
    3. Cooking Grill
    4. One Free Firewood Bundle

E. Exterior & Accessories

    1. Heavy-Duty Exterior Extension Cord
    2. USB Recharging Station
    3. Interior Fan for Ventilation/Air Flow
    4. One Gallon Water Bottle (Due to Health Restrictions, available for sale only at Campstore)
    5. LED Lantern
    6. Exterior Rug (On Platform)

Yurt /Tent packages include an appropriate car/truck parking site at no additional cost. Yurts will be set-up in advance once you reserve your site. Check current rates.

  • 7 Large (13′ round) Yurt Glamping packages (3-4 campers) $69.75 per day. (HEROES: $55.80)

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