Hikers Packages

Hikers Packages Contain:

A. Shelter

    1. 2 Person Military Style “Pup” Tent with Screen Door
    2. Complete Hammock System with Bug Net
    3. Waterproof Tent Footprint (Tarp)

B. Sleeping

    1. Sleeping Pad (Yoga Mat)
    2. Alternative Sleeping Pad (Egg Crate)
    3. Light weight Sleeping Bag

C. Lounging

    1. Portable Camp Chair(s)
    2. Portable Camp Table

D. Exterior & Accessories

    1. Cooking Grill
    2. Campfire Ring

E. Exterior & Accessories

    1. One Gallon Water Bottle
    2. LED Lantern

Hikers packages include an appropriate primitive camping site at no additional cost. At check-in, you will be given all the equipment. It’s relatively easy to set up. Check current rates.

Hikers packages (1-2 campers) $39.75 per day.(HEROES: $31.80)

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