Group Barracks Package

Group Barracks Package Contains:  

A. Shelter

    1. Four 16’ x 16’ Heavy-Duty, Four-Season Military Spec Tents
    2. Metal Arch Supports for Tents
    3. Screen Windows All Around with Entrance – Exit doors

B. Sleeping

    1. Three Queen Bed Frames, Six Twin Bed Frames
    2. Three Queen Mattresses, Six Twin Mattresses
    3. Heavy-Duty Waterproof Mattress Covers
    4. Assembled Twin Frame, Mattress and Cover
    5. Twelve Light weight Sleeping Bags
    6. Alternative Sleeping Pad (Yoga Mat)
    7. Alternative Sleeping Pad (Egg Crate)

C. Flooring

    1. Heavy-Duty Waterproof Tent Floor
    2. Interior Tent Rug

D. Electrical

    1. Interior and Exterior LED Lighting (All Shelters)
    2. Four Interior Fans for Ventilation/Air Flow
    3. Heavy-Duty Exterior Extension Cords (4)
    4. USB Recharging Stations
    5. LED Lanterns

E. Exterior & Accessories

    1. Two 8 Foot Picnic Tables
    2. Large Group Fire Ring
    3. Alternative Cooking Ring
    4. Cooking Grills (2)
    5. One Gallon Water Bottles (4)
    6. Two Large Folding Tables
    7. 12 Folding Chairs

Group Compound Daily Rate: $239.75 (only $191.80 with 20% HEROES discount. Daily rental rate and accompanying accessories noted above are for 12 campers. Additional campers (up to 12 more -24 total) with associated sleeping pads & bags will be assessed at $10 per day per person. Check current rates.

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