Give, Pray, Post

Are you looking for an organization – that is synchronous with your interests and values?  You wanna give back.  Maybe volunteer or support financially. There are thousands of worthy causes in the world.  There are also a lot of scammers and rip offs out there.

The following are 100 organizations we have personally vetted and given to.  I promise you will find, in the list provided, a number of organizations that will excite and inspire you. To give to. To pray for. To Post about- to share with others and talk about.

Read about the background, the “why” of it all.

There are three Organizations that I have worked with and/or know the leaders personally. I have personally witnessed their heart and efficacy.  Please consider them for your support.

Ideas World IDEAS began in 1997 by a group of innovators who wanted to change the face of traditional cross-cultural work. The vision was to bring more authenticity, creativity, and professionalism to the scene. As time went on, more like-minded professionals joined us. Today, IDEAS has 70+ skilled professional Associates working in 13+ countries in Asia, North Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

I am especially bias toward this organization, because I have know the CEO for 33 years, actually since her birth- my Daughter Gabrielle Thompson. In addition to being a world-changer, she is also an avid outdoorswoman and has been instrumental in the founding and development of the Campground. Additionally, she serves as the Chair for our non-profit, Carecom. Consider getting involved.

Honor and Remember Their Mission: To perpetually recognize the sacrifice of America’s military fallen service members and their families. The organization pays tribute to all military lives lost, not only while serving on active duty but also as a result of serving. Military deaths in all wars or conflicts and all branches of service from our nation’s inception are recognized.

My personal friend of forty plus years, George Lutz, established the organization shortly after the tragic death of his first born son George Anthony, from a sniper’s bullet while on patrol in Iraq in 2005. As a small token of support, we are privileged to offer a 20% discount to our Heroes – active Military, Veterans and First Responders.  Additionally, Gold Star Families are welcomed to stay in our Honor & Remember RV, free of Charge. Support the Organization.

The Contributor The Contributor is a nonprofit social enterprise providing economic opportunity with dignity to people experiencing or who have experienced homelessness and poverty. Every two weeks, a new issue of The Contributor is published and sold by over 150 vendors in Middle Tennessee. Contributor vendors become independent micro-business men and women who invest in their own micro-businesses by purchasing papers for $.50 and selling them for $2.00 plus tips to the public. The organization’s executive director is Cathy Jennings.

I served as a volunteer for a couple years at their office in downtown Nashville. The Contributor as also one of the venues we worked with to distribute FoodPaks and necessities to the homeless.  She and the staff are great. Beyond simply providing newspapers to sell, they help the homeless in a plethora of ways including housing, getting identification and financial support. Give Now.

Day 1 – Helping Victims in Beirut
Day 2 – Addressing Racial Injustice
Day 3 – Supporting First Responders
Day 4 – Aiding Syrian Refugees
Day 5 – Educating Young Women
Day 6 – Alleviating Extreme Poverty
Day 7 – Engaging in Micro-lending
Day 8 – Providing Clean Water
Day 9 – Advocating for Restorative Justice
Day 10 – Combating Human Trafficking
Day 11 – Delivering Food to Seniors
Day 12 – Planting Trees & Training Farmers
Day 13 – Saving the Phytoplankton
Day 14 – Reducing Homelessness in America
Day 15 – Decreasing Prisoner Recidivism
Day 16 – Maintaining Our Hiking Trails
Day 17 – Rebuilding Police Survivors Lives
Day 18 – Fighting for Human Rights Globally
Day 19 – Feeding the Hungry Children
Day 20 – Breaking the Cycle of Addiction
Day 21 – Dying with Compassion and Dignity
Day 22 – Eradicating Malaria World-Wide
Day 23 – Buying Fair Trade Products
Day 24 – Defending the Myanmar Rohingya
Day 25 – Aiding Victims of Sexual Violence
Day 26 – Empowering Young Women of Color
Day 27 – Adopting a Furry Friend
Day 28 – Facing History and Ourselves
Day 29 – Playing Music as Medicine
Day 30 – Healing Through the Power of Art
Day 31 – Honoring Our Fallen Military Heroes
Day 32 – Ending Gun Violence Against Kids
Day 33 – Finding New Cancer Treatments
Day 34 – Freeing Those Who Can Afford Bail
Day 35 – Localizing & Individuating Your Gift
Day 36 – Revolutionizing Financial Services
Day 37 – Remembering the AIDS Epidemic
Day 38 – Preventing Suicide – At Risk Groups
Day 39 – Understanding the Autism Spectrum
Day 40 – Encouraging Beleaguered Teachers
Day 41 – Curbing Shipping Industry Pollution
Day 42 – Keeping Free Online Education Free
Day 43 – Caring for Our Military Veterans
Day 44 – Stopping the Slaughter of the Bees
Day 45 – Encountering Lewy Body Dementia
Day 46 – Needing a Local Place of Worship
Day 47 – Putting an End to Child Labour
Day 48 – Giving the Gift of a Goat
Day 49 – Decriminalizing Marijuana
Day 50 – Donating to Hurricane Relief
Day 51 – Memorializing the 9/11 Tragedy
Day 52 – Recalling Pulse Nightclub Attack
Day 53 – Reengaging with Inner City Teens
Day 54 – Battling Anti-Muslim Sentiment
Day 55 – Succoring CA Wildfire Victims
Day 56 – immunizing the Worlds Children
Day 57 – Entertaining Hospitalized Kids
Day 58 – Extending Dental Care to the Poor
Day 59 – Arresting the Fentanyl Tsunami
Day 60 – Recovering from Sexual Abuse
Day 61 – Thriving in Joy- Dominican Republic
Day 62 – Tackling the Crisis in Yemen
Day 63 – Reaching Out with Good News
Day 64 – Owning Up to Americas Genocide
Day 65 – Reimagining Immigration Policy
Day 66 – Recognizing the Disabled Among Us
Day 67 – Re-entering Life After Incarceration
Day 68 – Promoting STEM Education for All
Day 69 – Fundraising for Autumn Achey -AML
Day 70 – Seeking Truth within Political Trash
Day 71 – Protecting Our National Park System
Day 72 – Challenging Juvenile Deliquency
Day 73 – Funding and Supporting Non-Profits
Day 74 – Furthering Global Development
Day 75 – Volunteering for Good Cause
Day 76 – Retooling Americas Workforce
Day 77 – Looking Back on the Holocaust
Day 78 – Resolving Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Day 79 – Achieving Global Literacy
Day 80 – Coming to Grips w/Climate Change
Day 81 – Amping Up Your Charitable Giving
Day 82 – Sending an Angel for Christmas
Day 83 – Serving the Widows and Orphans
Day 84 – Supplying Free Medical Services
Day 85 – Developing Africas Entrepreneurs
Day 86 – Lending a Helping (Prosthetic) Hand
Day 87 – Ridding Children of Parasitic Blights
Day 88 – Blessing from Homeless Jimmy G
Day 89 – Performing Life Changing Surgeries
Day 90 – Cleaning-up Ocean Plastic Waste
Day 91 – Covid – Global Humanitarian Crisis
Day 92 – Smoking & Drinking Caused Cancers
Day 93 – Forestalling the Tsusami of Evictions
Day 94 – Instilling Needed Financial Literacy
Day 95 – Soaking- Restorative Worship Music
Day 96 – Nursing the Covid World to Health
Day 97 – Getting Scammed Being Charitable
Day 98 – Doubling Down- My Favorite Charity
Day 99 – Restoring Eyesight to the Blind
Day 100 – Rehabilitating Teen Drug Users