Signs of Change

Since we returned to Nashville in early March from our winter migration in Florida, we’ve been working on developing the land. The local water company in town turned me on to a contractor who had worked for them for 15 years before striking out on his own. He and the other contractors he’s brought along … More Signs of Change

Primitive Tent Camping

One of my daughters friends, Kai, an artist and world adventurer ventured from Colorado to Altamont, TN to develop our primitive tent campsites for Greeter Fall Campground on the southern 7 acres spanning Greeter Falls Road North. He has done such throughout the world from Iceland to India, so we have been privileged to provide … More Primitive Tent Camping

How it began

My wife and I have been migrating south to Miramar Beach Florida each winter since my retirement in 2018. She says I get bored and spend money. Well this year, I went “whole hog” as they say. Having exited the Stock Market in June only to watch it, like other assets such as Real Estate, … More How it began