Abri/Workamper Crews

ABRI/Workamper Crews

Volunteer Workampers are provided a no-cost site/shelter (usually in the form of a free RV hook-up, utilities and access to amenities) in exchange for part-time responsibilities around the campground such as landscaping, maintenance, cleaning and hospitality. Transient Abri residents participate alongside Workampers in these duties as well.

Administrative Responsibilities such as Finance and Accounting, Legal and Tax Issues, Strategic Planning and Campground Expansion/Improvements as well as General Oversight and Management will remain the exclusive domain of GFC Owner in Association with Camp Hosts.

Camp Hosts, along with the Owner(s), are ultimately responsible to provide a suitable campground environment for our guest campers based upon building and maintaining excellent grounds, pertinent amenities and outstanding service.

The mission and service of Abri is to foster an environment that provides for and enhances our transient campground community (serving our diverse campers and their needs) while simultaneously building Abri members socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  1. Camp Hosts: Operations Management. Responsible for the booking, preparation, coordination; i.e. the total camper experience. Camp/Site Improvements. Assess & Reorder Supplies, Manage Store, Handle Daily Phones, E-mail & Drop-ins.

  2. Clean-up: Daily Cleaning & Maintenance/Bathhouse (busy weekends need multiple times), Campground/Site Trash, Site Grooming and Upkeep, Post Reservation Notices

  3. Construction & Chopping: Cut & Bundle Firewood, Campground Maintenance & Repair, Building/Construction Projects, Campground/Site Improvements, Landscaping, etc.

  4. Customer Relations: Answer phones/store for Camp host on their day(s) off, social media (photography, writing copy, posting), Activities/Crafts/movies , Marketing

  5. Cooking: Menu Planning and Prep, Shop/Order Groceries, Cook, Serve & Clean-up for Daily/Weekly Community Meal and Order/Maintenance of Day-Time Snacks.

  6. Community: Service Projects to Altamont/Grundy County Government, Churches, Schools and Non-Profit Organizations including State Parks and Natural Areas.

  7. Coordination: Scheduling and supervision for work crews – with Interface with Camp Host, Quality Assurance, Mentorship/Leadership, Crew Planning, Coordination & Triage.

Note: Based upon seasonal occupancy, week-to-week site rental and Workamper/transient mix, workers might need to fulfill the responsibility for more than crew. Crew allocation may be (re)assigned daily/weekly basis, dependent upon need and priority.

Obviously, the work of “coordination” (item #7) only evolves and becomes active and operational as the number of Abri Members and thereby responsibilities involved attains and sustains a sufficient threshold to merit exclusive dedication to this role.

Practically speaking, when there are only 4 to 6 total Workampers and/or Abri Members: All the duties envisioned for the Clean-up, Construction & Chopping, Customer Relations, Cooking and Community Outreach crews will all fall to the members at large under the direction of the Camp Hosts and needs of the campground, perhaps in a somewhat abbreviated form.

All Workampers and Abri residents will be required to sign our campground policy statement and liability release waiver.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.