Chilling in Nature has always been one of my favorite things to do!

Greeter Falls Campground

I’ve always enjoyed nature. Beach, lake, woods, mountains, waterfalls, wild life.

I’ve lived on a houseboat for the last dozen years on Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. I have found it a constant source of serenity, relaxation and refreshment.

As wonderful as lake life has been and is, a rustic wilderness of dense timberland, mountains, roughly hewn rocky trails and majestic waterfalls holds its own appeal. 

My favorite place to hike and camp in Tennessee is Savage Gulf. After 2 hip surgeries I was fortunate enough, within one year, to spend a week hiking and camping there. There are abundant waterfalls and trails galore.

One of my favorite quotes by Emerson reads, “In the woods, we return to reason and faith.” I have found it so. Nature offers solace as well as inspiration. Waterfalls especially seem cleansing to the soul, mind and spirit.

It is my hope and intention that Greeter Falls Campground become a place like that for you. A place to escape to and maybe regroup. Gain a new perspective. Connect with yourself, perhaps a significant other(s) and perhaps deepen a spiritual connection.

By providing a wide range of nature-based immersions; from weekend get-a-ways to longer stay-cations.  

The goal here is to provide a refuge.  To help you to unwind, regroup, reconnect, be renewed.  We hope you find it so. 

We have opened Greeter Falls Campground with special emphasis and discounts focused on the re-creation and enjoyment of our front-line HEROES. We are dedicated to developing a restorative community. Reserve Your site, NOW.

As a registered 501c3, the campground represents an additional outreach of CareCom, inc.

Information about our other projects can be found at:

CareCom: Our Homeless outreach in Nashville. in 2020 we distributed over 3,500 Food packs to the homeless. Facebook

Give Pray Post: During 100 days in 2020, we uncovered 100 noteworthy causes worth supporting: To Give to. To Pray for. To Post about.

Greeter Falls Campground: hopes to provide healing and restoration through a gentle emersion and retreat within nature.

Please feel free to connect with me through Linked-In or by email: Robert@GreeterFalls.com or Robert@GreeterFalls.com